Bildungsroman (& Other Stories)

Areez Katki

08 July - 07 August, 2021

The team at TARQ is delighted to present Areez Katki's first solo show in India, ‘Bildungsroman (& Other Stories)’. The title borrows an all-encompassing term from German, for a person's spiritual and psychological journey. In the works created from his time in Mumbai in 2018 till 2021, Katki uses embroidery…

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The Familiars

Boshudhara Mukherjee

11 March - 24 April, 2021

TARQ is set to open artist Boshudhara Mukherjee’s exhibition titled 'The Familiars' on 11 March, 2021. The exhibition presents eight recent works by the artist in her distinctive style of large-scale, tapestry-like installations of woven canvases. The title for this show is inspired by the Wicca legend of ‘spirit guides’…

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Birth of a New World

Rithika Merchant

14 January - 26 February, 2021

The team at TARQ is delighted to present Birth of a New World by Rithika Merchant as part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend. This is her second solo exhibition at TARQ, following Where the Water Takes Us in 2017. In this new series of watercolours and collages, Merchant focuses on the contemporary…

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Sameer Kulavoor

03 December - 07 January, 2021

The team at TARQ is delighted to present ‘YOU ARE ALL CAUGHT UP’ by Sameer Kulavoor. This is his second solo exhibition at TARQ. The show is made up of a series of paintings and drawings that are an expression of the artist's understanding of the tumultuous historical moment that we are currently…

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filed under: a/muse/um

Garima Gupta

08 October - 12 November, 2020

The team at TARQ is delighted to present ‘filed under: a/muse/um’ by Garima Gupta. Encompassing five years of intensive research, the collection includes drawings, interviews and data sets of what the artist was able to uncover during her field work across the Southeast Asian archipelago. Here, she has been documenting the…

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Appropriation Disinformation- Nature and the Body Politic

Apnavi Makanji

10 September - 30 September, 2020

The team at TARQ is delighted to present Apnavi Makanji’s Appropriation Disinformation - Nature and the Body Politic for the first time in India. Initially exhibited at this year’s Dhaka Art Summit, entitled "Seismic Movements" curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt, the materials for the work were sourced from the Atlas…

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Inherited Memory

Garima Gupta , Rithika Merchant , Sarah Naqvi , Saubiya Chasmawala

05 June - 26 June, 2020

With a series each by the artists, Garima Gupta, Rithika Merchant, Sarah Naqvi and Saubiya Chasmawala, ‘Inherited Memory’ continues to attempt to yield inspiration, contextualize and make sense of the current scenario as we begin to rebuild a new normal. We look closely at the idea of bearing witness, with…

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Navigating Geometries

Boshudhara Mukherjee , Muzzumil Ruheel , Pratap Morey , Saju Kunhan , Samit Das , Tanmoy Samanta , Vishwa Shroff

14 May - 26 May, 2020

In this current moment, we find ourselves physically restricted, yet connected more than ever before from within our four walls. Suddenly our private spaces are turned (both physically and virtually) public, as we work, eat and socialize all within the confines of our homes. It is in this reality, that…

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Aaditi Joshi , Apnavi Makanji , Clare Arni , Nibha Sikander , Parag Tandel , Ronny Sen , Sameer Kulavoor , Savia Mahajan , Soghra Khurasani

21 April - 03 May, 2020

While the virus is consuming our screens and social media, we wanted to focus on the state of the world with humans temporarily taken out of the equation. It is interesting to see nature feeling free to finally breathe again, from more birds chirping to spotting dolphins, to cleaner air.…

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Folly Measures

Vishwa Shroff

09 January - 28 February, 2020

The team at TARQ is delighted to present Folly Measures by Vishwa Shroff. In this exhibition, Shroff continues to journey through the everyday, focusing on the idea of transience and impermanence.  The catalogue is accompanied by an essay penned by Mumbai based independent curator, writer and researcher, Veeranganakumari Solanki. The…

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Wandering Violin Mantis

Nibha Sikander

29 November - 04 January, 2020

We are delighted to present Wandering Violin Mantis– Nibha Sikander’s first solo exhibition. In this exhibition, Sikander expands on her growing practice of looking at and recreating various species from nature, some real and some imagined. The artist uses layer upon layer of intricately cut out paper to create form…

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Saubiya Chasmawala

18 October - 23 November, 2019

We are delighted to present Batin – Saubiya Chasmawala’s second solo exhibition in Mumbai, and her first at TARQ, following her 2017 show Pilgrimage of Historical Oversights at Clark House. In this exhibition, Chasmawala works to further develop her engagement with Arabic script, pushing the boundaries of abstraction. In her…

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New Works by Aaditi Joshi

Aaditi Joshi

22 August - 28 September, 2019

The team at TARQ is delighted to present an exhibition of New Works by artist Aaditi Joshi. The show features the artist’s latest explorations, that are a distinct departure from her earlier works. In these sculptural paintings she uses repurposed polypropylene bags as a starting point from which she investigates…

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Osmosis | Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana

Rithika Merchant , Samanta Batra Mehta , Savia Mahajan

06 June - 10 August, 2019

The team at TARQ is thrilled to present Osmosis—a group exhibition of artists Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta, and Savia Mahajan, curated by Shaleen Wadhwana. The exhibition, which is a result of months of conversations between the artists and the curator, works with the ideas and the knowledge of the…

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Soil as witness | Memory as wound

Apnavi Makanji

14 March - 27 April, 2019

We are delighted to present Soil as witness | Memory as wound – Apnavi Makanji’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. Her wider art practice redefines nature as the centre stage of our existence emphasizing on the processes of life and death and making visible the marginalized, the unnoticed, the forgotten…

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Concrete Ciphers

Pratap Morey

16 January - 28 February, 2019

As a part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2019, we are delighted to present Concrete Ciphers – Pratap Morey’s second solo exhibition at TARQ. In this exhibition, Pratap continues to explore his preoccupations with the constantly morphing artificial geography of urban spaces. In his wider art practice, Morey uses a range…

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Baaton se baat nikalti hai

Muzzumil Ruheel

05 December - 10 January, 2019

We are delighted to present Baaton se baat nikalti hai—Muzzumil Ruheel’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. In this exhibition, Ruheel uses meticulously rendered Urdu Calligraphy as the basis of his new paintings and sculptural installations. The artist’s wider practice is about metaphorical interpretations; investigating perceptions about social to mundane events…

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Shahid Datawala

11 October - 18 October, 2018

Datura—Shahid Datawala’s second solo exhibition at TARQ continues to highlight Datawala’s preoccupations with light, nature and the everyday. Featuring images taken over the last several months in Mumbai and Paris, the magical imagery in Datawala’s photographs is reminiscent of pioneers in the field of natural photography such as Karl Blossfeldt…

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Fire Continuum

Ronny Sen

23 August - 29 September, 2018

Fire Continuum is Ronny Sen’s second solo exhibition at TARQ. Following his last exhibition in Mumbai, New World Chronicles of an Old World Colour, presented in 2016, this exhibition continues to highlight Sen’s photographic engagement with the contemporary landscape. Shifting his lens to Jharia, a coal mining town in Jharkhand, the artist…

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Waste Land | Curated by Birgid Uccia

Aaditi Joshi , Asim Waqif , Boshudhara Mukherjee , Tanya Goel , Prashant Pandey , Kausik Mukhopadhyay , Kaushik Saha

07 June - 04 August, 2018

The exhibition Waste Land is part of the biennial public diplomacy campaign “70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds – Inspiring the Future” of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai. Aiming to reinforce this friendship, the exhibition connects creative minds from fields as diverse as contemporary Indian art and Swiss waste…

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Spring in the Wintertime

Bas Meeuws

10 May - 31 May, 2018

TASVEER, in association with Dauble, launches its twelfth season with Spring in the Wintertime by Dutch photographer, Bas Meeuws. This exhibition presents a selection of 43 photographs, bringing together new and previously unseen Indian work produced in conversation with Tasveer, along with a selection of Meeuws’ early floral still lifes inspired by…

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A Man of the Crowd

Sameer Kulavoor

15 March - 26 April, 2018

A Man of the Crowd is Sameer Kulavoor’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. The show, which gets its title from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, consists of a body of work that underscores the artist’s broad practice which brings together art and design. Kulavoor’s unique observations of urban spaces –…

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An Unquiet Mind

Youdhisthir Maharjan

31 January - 08 March, 2018

An Unquiet Mind is Youdhisthir Maharjan’s first solo exhibition, at TARQ. As a part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2018, the exhibition brings together a body of work that underscores the artist’s meticulous practice that explores the materiality of text. Maharjan does this by using reclaimed text and painstakingly obliterating alphabets and word…

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Where the water takes us

Rithika Merchant

01 December - 13 January, 2018

Rithika Merchant’s first solo exhibition at TARQ brings together a body of work that explores issues of migration, displacement and belonging through the idiom of epics and myths. Working primarily with the mediums of gouache and ink on paper, Rithika creates elaborate and poetic mosaics of myths that seek to…

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Stained Geographies

Saju Kunhan

27 October - 25 November, 2017

Stained Geographies, Saju Kunhan’s first solo exhibition at TARQ, brings together a body of work that is the result of Kunhan's exploration of the archive along with the re-interpretation of images in shifting contexts. He uses wood and archival images to articulate his conceptual investigations. Accompanied by an essay penned…

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Notorious Rowdies

Clare Arni

14 September - 21 October, 2017

Notorious Rowdies – a series of performative photographs by Clare Arni marks Arni’s third solo exhibition at TARQ. The term ‘rowdy’ has a particularly evocative quality in South India. The ‘rowdy’ is an unsavoury character, an outlaw, with a strangely alluring bravado. Clare Arni’s fascination with the figure of the…

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Savia Mahajan

10 August - 09 September, 2017

Liminal, Savia Mahajan’s first solo exhibition at TARQ, explores through a variety of mediums – including sculpture, drawing and installation – notions of life, death and the in-between. While Mahajan’s sculptures use conventional pottery materials, including ceramic, porcelain, paper and clay, she also experiments with chemicals such as cobalt, iron…

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Remains of the Day

Shahid Datawala

06 July - 05 August, 2017

Remains of the Day – an exhibition of photographic works by Shahid Datawala is his first solo exhibition at TARQ. The two series that make up the exhibition - "Half Naked Nude" and "Unstill Life" - come together in their common theme of an exploration of the uncanny in everyday…

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Views of the Spirit

Man Ray

25 May - 01 July, 2017

Views of the Spirit is an exhibition of photographs by Man Ray. It is the first time the legendary 20th century photographer’s work is being exhibited in India. The exhibition, first showcased in August 2014 at Mondo Galeria, Madrid, is a tantalising taste of Man Ray’s vast oeuvre. The photographs…

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Bibliography in Progress

Samit Das

13 April - 20 May, 2017

Presented in collaboration with Clark House Initiative, Bibliography in Progress, is Samit Das’ first solo exhibition in Mumbai after a ten-year hiatus. His works in this show and his practice at large find their core in the archive. At TARQ, Das’ series assimilates the idea of pre-modernism through contemporary practice…

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Waswo X. Waswo

09 March - 08 April, 2017

Photowallah, an exhibition of limited edition photographs by celebrated American-born, Rajasthan-based photographer, Waswo X. Waswo showcases his signature studio portraits — hand-coloured by his longtime collaborator, Rajesh Soni. Waswo X. Waswo first visited India in 1993; after several trips in the intervening years, he finally moved to India, renting a…

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Portraits in Time

Tanmoy Samanta

20 January - 25 February, 2017

Tanmoy Samanta’s second solo exhibition at TARQ, Portraits in Time, carries works created by the artist over the last two years. In keeping with his distinctive aesthetic of clean lines and muted, stone-like colours, Samanta has continued to use a motley collection of found objects – protractors, stencils, pins and a…

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Drawn Space

Vishwa Shroff

08 December - 14 January, 2017

This exhibition marks Vishwa Shroff’s first major solo show at TARQ. Curated by London based writer and curator, Charlie Levine, the exhibition brings together four series by the artist that explore the potential of spaces and objects otherwise considered banal, in her medium of choice – drawing. As she journeys…

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Boshudhara Mukherjee

20 October - 26 November, 2016

In Canticle, Boshudhara Mukherjee’s first solo exhibition at TARQ, Mukherjee showcases a series of woven canvases from her meticulous practice. The exhibition encapsulates the meditative and almost hymn like aspect of Mukerjee's practice, in both large and small scale. Her complexly woven paintings, like a canticle have within them, non-rhythmic…

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Time & Tide

Karan Kapoor

23 September - 16 October, 2016

Time & Tide, curated by Nathaniel Gaskell and presented by Tasveer, is an exhibition of limited edition prints by Karan Kapoor. This exhibition brings together two bodies of work made by Kapoor in the 1980s and 1990s, and focuses on people and places that have either been lost to history,…

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Parag Tandel

11 August - 10 September, 2016

Chronicle is Parag Tandel’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. In this exhibition, Tandel showcases a series of sculptures cast in resin that represent shapes and colours from memories of his childhood. The change in the seascape in Mumbai over the passage of time is essential to the artist’s life and…

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New world chronicles of an old world colour

Ronny Sen

07 July - 28 July, 2016

New world chronicles of an old world colour — an exhibition of Ronny Sen’s photographs is presented by The Polish Institute in New Delhi in collaboration with Latitude 28. This exhibition is a partner event of Delhi Photo Festival 2015. An exploration of melancholia, ‘New world chronicles of an old…

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In Letter and Spirit

Saubiya Chasmawala , Youdhisthir Maharjan , Muzzumil Ruheel

09 June - 02 July, 2016

In Letter and Spirit showcases a collection of works by three exemplary artists, whose works each highlight the graphic beauty of text. Saubiya Chasmawala, Youdhisthir Maharjan and Muzzumil Ruheel, all come from a variety of contexts, but their work stands united by the intricacy and intimacy with which they approach…

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The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism

28 April - 26 May, 2016

Tasveer and the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) bring together an exhibition titled Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection in Mumbai at TARQ on the 28th of April 2016. In early 2015, the esteemed former general manager and iconic photo editor of the Time-Life News Service’s South Asia bureau, Deepak Puri, donated…

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Feedback Loop

Starlyn D’souza , Nirmal Kulkarni , Madhavi Gore , PS Jalaja , Violeta Lisboa , Romain Loustau , Lavanya Mani , Atish Saha

31 March - 23 April, 2016

Feedback Loop is a group exhibition featuring the works of eight emerging artists, whose multi-disciplinary practices each bring a unique perspective to the central premise of the exhibition, Feedback Loop. Each artist has worked closely with the curator, to conceptualise and ultimately create works that while keeping the integrity of…

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Gardens of the Mind

Swapan Nayak , Gilles Bensimon

25 February - 19 March, 2016

Tasveer brings together for the first time the works of Indian artist, Swapan Nayak, and French fashion and lifestyle photographer, Gilles Bensimon, in an exhibition that juxtaposes two very different approaches to photographing elements of the natural world. Gilles Bensimon, former art director of Elle, makes a significant departure from…

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Sri Sri Lanka

Pala Pothupitiye

22 January - 20 February, 2016

Sri Sri Lanka, Pala Pothupitiye’s first solo exhibition in India at TARQ, primarily features a suite of Pala’s celebrated maps, on both paper and canvas. This exhibition explores the process of re-crafting the ‘official’ version of maps as a consequence of the underlying geopolitics that are in constant flux and…

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Cratered Fiction

Soghra Khurasani

10 December - 16 January, 2016

Cratered Fiction is artist Soghra Khurasani’s second solo exhibition at TARQ, and features the artist’s signature woodcut prints on paper. Her new series of prints is exhibited along with some of her earlier works that explore the beginning of themes currently pivotal to her practice. Her expansive, subtle landscapes are…

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measure | decipher

Pratap Morey

07 November - 05 December, 2015

measure | decipher is Pratap Morey’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. Comprising several new works, measure | decipher seeks to examine the artist’s preoccupation with changing geographies of urban spaces. Pratap has lived and worked in Mumbai for the most part of his life, and has been constantly displaced by…

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Anatomy of Stillness

Clare Arni

30 September - 28 October, 2015

Anatomy of Stillness is Clare Arni’s second solo exhibition at TARQ and features a selection of works from the artist’s career. In her vivid photographs, the artist documents South Asia’s cultural heritage, exploring the alchemy of still life through the beauties and intricacies of the region’s varying imagery. These snippets…

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Sonia Mehra Chawla

20 August - 16 September, 2015

An exhibition of recent works by Sonia Mehra Chawla, Scapelands examines the development of the artist’s strategies that unsettle conventional wisdom about our relationship with and within nature and take on a notion of turning inwards into a phenomenological experience of life. Based on her navigations in the Sunderbans in…

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Memento Mori

Clare Arni , Samit Das , Soghra Khurasani , Saju Kunhan , Tanmoy Samanta , Vishwa Shroff , Suruchi Choksi  , Payal Kapadia  , Zishaan Akbar Latif  , Katsushi Goto

12 June - 24 July, 2015

Memento Mori is a group exhibition featuring the works of Clare Arni, Suruchi Choksi, Samit Das, Payal Kapadia, Soghra Khurasani, Saju Kunhan, Zishaan Akbar Latif, Tanmoy Samanta, Katsushi Goto and Vishwa Shroff. As the name suggests, the exhibition intends to remind viewers of their mortality and of the brevity and…

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Alicja Dobrucka

30 April - 28 May, 2015

Presented for the first time at TARQ in its entirety, Encounters is a cross-cultural dialogue between the traditional forms of folk art and craft from different countries around the world. The artist takes a traditional Polish paper cut out of roosters on a journey to different countries, mainly India, but…

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Reliquaries -The Remembered Self

Suruchi Choksi  , Rithika Merchant

12 March - 10 April, 2015

An exhibition of recent works by Suruchi Choksi and Rithika Merchant, “RELIQUARIES” takes a closer look at how we construct and envision our pasts, both collective and personal. Through their respective processes both artists are able to uniquely capture two aspects of recollecting that are radically different, yet inextricably linked…

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Art Forms in Nature

Karl Blossfeldt

23 January - 28 February, 2015

A photographer and professor at the Royal School of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) is recognised for his extensive and unique photographic plant portraits, which were created to support his argument that all forms created by man, have their origins in nature. His unique photographs…

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The Shadow Trapper’s Almanac

Tanmoy Samanta

22 November - 09 January, 2015

Curated by Ranjit Hoskote, The Shadow Trapper’s Almanac, is Tanmoy Samanta’s first solo exhibition in Bombay. It features gouache paintings on rice paper and recycled book sculptures, two integral facets of his practice. Samanta’s practice explores notions traditionally associated with sculpture, including “volume and void, relief and surface, container and…

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Pocket Maps of the Mind (Residues of Memory)

Payal Kapadia  , Prayas Abhinav , Prajakta Potnis , Sahej Rahal , Sonia Jose , Nandan Ghiya , Sandunes + Wolves

24 September - 07 November, 2014

Pocket Maps of the Mind (Residues of Memory) is an exhibition that looks at the multi-faceted nature of memory. The show focuses on different, complex ways in which the mind selects, stores and internalizes memories to create “perilous utopias” which “can never be destroyed, because in our minds maps they…

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Reading Room

Anne Covell , Banoo Batliboi , Deng Yifu , Kingsley Gunatillake , Layla Gonaduwa , Liz Fernando , Meera Devidayal , Radhika Hettiarachchi & Shanika Perera , Samanta Batra Mehta , Samit Das , Sathyanand Mohan , Smriti Choudhary , Tanmoy Samanta , Zach Stensen , Jagath Weerasinghhe

08 August - 13 September, 2014

Presented in collaboration with Blueprint 12 (New Delhi) and Colombo Art Biennale (Colombo), Reading Room is a show curated by Amit Jain, featuring works by fifteen artists from across the world. The ‘Reading Room’ is a journey of discoveries and experiences, of nostalgia and witness; a space where the many and varied perspectives and practices…

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95 Mani Villa

Zishaan Akbar Latif 

20 June - 19 July, 2014

95 Mani Villa curated by Amit Mehra, is a personal memoir between a grandfather, Dhanji Anklesaria and his grandson, Zishaan Akbar Latif. This is the first time that this narrative will be seen in its entirety in Mumbai. These fleeting moments were captured in the last three years of Dhanji’s…

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One day it will come out

Soghra Khurasani

26 April - 07 June, 2014

One day it will come out by Baroda based Soghra Khurasani is the artist’s first solo show. This exhibition looks into her complex practice, which revolves around her visceral reaction to the political and religious realities of being in India today. She keeps returning to the imagery of blood cells…

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Disappearing Professions of Urban India

Clare Arni

01 March - 07 April, 2014

Disappearing Professions of Urban India is Clare Arni’s first solo show in Mumbai featuring digital photographs taken over the last six years across seven major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. The intention of the works is to explore the historical patterns of vanishing professions, their attempts to…

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