Areez Katki b. 1989

Areez Katki is an artist & writer who draws from historic and social research to explore his genetic landscapes via processes that include embroidery, weaving, painting, sculpture and printmaking.


Born into a Persian Zoroastrian family, his practice addresses the social constructs of spirituality, postcolonial identity and sexuality while, at the same time, raising questions about the political nature of craft itself—employing textiles as an anchoring device to illustrate the migratory condition.


Over the duration of his career Katki has focused on the significance of materiality from the domestic realm. He surveys these domains through processes of mark-making, which illuminate his ongoing engagement with storied narratives.With a background in Art History and an early childhood imbibed in the values of craft, Katki's self-developed techniques are based on instinctive responses to textile & fibre research.


His work as a visual artist juxtaposes the phenomenology of perceived environmental observations and sensorial reactions with a subjectivity that is fed by formal technical knowledge; needlework as an elevated, tactile medium that is often employed as a storytelling device—one which was matrilineally inherited.


Culminating in richly contextualised bodies of work over the past seven years, Katki's work has been exhibited across Aotearoa, and internationally around Asia, North America and Europe. It is held in various private and public collections.His writing has been published in Matters, Art News (NZ), The Pantograph Punch, Elle Magazine (India), Consider Journal, Waist, Saltwater Love, Turbine Kapohau and Lieu Journal.


Since early 2020 Katki has been based in Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington, where he crafted a hybrid body of writing, which culminated in a Master of Arts with Distinction from the International Institute of Modern Letters.


He currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.