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Savia Mahajan

10 August - 09 September, 2017

Liminal, Savia Mahajan’s first solo exhibition at TARQ, explores through a variety of mediums – including sculpture, drawing and installation – notions of life, death and the in-between. While Mahajan’s sculptures use conventional pottery materials, including ceramic, porcelain, paper and clay, she also experiments with chemicals such as cobalt, iron oxide and even gold in her detailed sculptures. With these materials, she creates a vast range of objects, from fossils to books, to a series of shape-shifting objects. Also included in the exhibition are Savia’s intricate drawings on recycled paper, which mirror her preoccupations with detail, nuance and material. Conceptually, she embarks on a journey that explores the ‘in-between’ state that rests between the eternal polarities of life and death. She plays with the idea of the universality of the ‘liminal’ space that transcends religion and exists as a profound spiritual truth. As a ceramicist and obsessive collector, Savia has collected a number of urns that are used across cultures to store the remains of the dead. As part of the series, “beginning – end – beginning” she uses these to deeply question our very existence as particles on the earth, bringing together a complex thread of thought, best articulated by Professor K. Sridhar. In his essay on the show, he says, “Liminal wants us to return to a mode of art which chose to address primordial questions. It moves away from the questions that dominate public life; indeed, it asks what happens to those questions when they are confronted by death and dissolution. It returns to the age-old, probably never-to-be-answered, question of whether there exists anything other than the body which survives death… When the book burns with the clay in the furnace, what does it leave behind? This is the question that Liminal forces us to face head-on.”

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Savia Mahajan

Savia Mahajan began her formal artistic training in her home city of Mumbai, at the L.S. Raheja School of Art. Though she trained as a painter, since 2010, Savia’s practice began moving away from the medium of painting, towards ceramics. The transition was the result of a “relinquishing of traditional art mediums (and) a deeper inquiry about practice.” She has since, worked extensively at a local pottery studio in Mumbai, which has given her the space to experiment and develop many of her ceramic processes and techniques. These developments in Savia’s practice resulted in Liminal—her first solo exhibition at TARQ in September, 2017. This was followed by a landmark group exhibition—Mutable: Ceramics and Clay Art in India Since 1947, curated by Dr. Annapurna Garimella and Sindhura D.M. at the Piramal Art Foundation, Mumbai. Savia has recently been a part of several projects including India Art Fair in Delhi (2020), her solo project Resurgō at TARQ’s booth, Art Basel, Hong Kong (2019); and group presentations including the Second Edition of The Sculpture Park, The Madhvendra Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur, curated by Peter Nagy (2018-19) and the Indian Ceramics Triennale, Jaipur, (2018). Savia lives in Mumbai and works in a Ceramic studio consisting of a gas kiln which she set up in an Industrial space in Mumbai, 2018.


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