Film Screening | Purva Uttara: Fast Forward

13 May 2017 
5pm - 6pm

TARQ will be hosting a free screening of Purva Uttara: Past Forward. Conceptualized by celebrated art historian Vidya Dehejia, the film which is split into two chapters, has been directed by Zafar Hai and Shyam Benegal. Purva Uttara is a stunning visual chronicle of India’s heritage, told through the histories of eight sites across India – Mamallapuram, Vijayanagara, Sanchi, Konarak, Udaipur, Goa, Delhi and Agra.

For this screening, features on three sites have been chosen -  ‘Mamallapuram: A Riddle in Time’, ‘Sanchi: Monument of the People’ and ‘Immortal Capital: The Many Cities of Delhi’. Each feature plunges into an investigation of the history of a site, unravelling the layers through the stories embedded in the available material culture and collective memories that have stood the test of time. The multitude of histories come together to form the composite that is the history of India.