Summer Screenings | The Valley of the Bees (1967)

24 June 2017 

TARQ is delighted to host the screening of 'The Valley of the Bees' - the second film in our five-part film series titled 'Becoming Epic - Myth, Legend and Folk Tale through Colour and Sound'. The series has been conceptualized by Mumbai based film scholar, Elroy Pinto. The screenings are accompanied by a series of essays of the same title by Pinto. 

Directed by Frantisek Vlacil in erstwhile Czechoslovakia (today divided into Czech Republic and Slovakia), 'The Valley of the Bees' finds its inspiration in medieval epics and the dramatic tenor of opera.  This manifests in visuals that engage in dramatic shadow play and a sound design that draws upon the solemnity of choral sounds and Gregorian chants. The use of architecture as a dramatic device, along with the interesting use of light and shadow creates the effect of a blurred demarcation between the virtuous and malevolent characters in this black and white film.

Note: This film is being screened with permission from the National Film Archive (Czech Republic).