Childrens Workshop at TARQ | The Secret of Still Lives

5 August 2017 
11am - 1pm

"The Secrets of Still Lives” is an interactive session put together by TARQ to open up interesting ways of looking at still life photography for children. The workshop will have two components.

We will begin with a walk-through and interaction with the artist. This will be followed by the “hands-on” segment that will involve a photography exercise and a fun, collaborative worksheet. The photography activity will involve creating interesting, surreal compositions from everyday objects, inspired by the photographs in the show. The children will then photograph their compositions and with the guidance of the artist, experiment with basic concepts such as light, focus and depth. The subsequent worksheet activity will encourage the children to explore the concepts in the exhibition and note their responses to the works on display. We will end with a group discussion where we will exchange ideas and share responses to the exhibition.