Film Screening | The Pearl Button

13 January 2018 
5pm - 6:30pm


Released in 2015, The Pearl Button is the second chapter in Patricio Guzmán’s trilogy which began with Nostalgia for the Light (which was screened at TARQ in April, 2017) and will finish with a potential film set in the Andes. The trilogy is an elegy to the collective and individual histories of the people of Chile. In his signature style – simultaneously documentary and allegorical, Guzman weaves together Chile’s history through the parallel narratives of the victims “disappeared” during General Pinochet’s brutal regime and the decimation of indigenous tribes by colonial powers. While the desert formed the setting for Nostalgia for the Light, water is one of the key protagonists of this story.
Much like Guzmán’s other films, The Pearl Button serves as both historical documentation as well as a vehicle towards a collective reconciliation and catharsis.
Note: We would like to thank Pyramide International for granting us the permission to bring this extraordinary film to you.