Six Readings on – Time

18 July 2018 
6:30pm - 8:30pm


We are delighted to announce that we will be joined by the following speakers for this session - Dr. Kaiwan Mehta (visual culture theorist and Managing Editor, DOMUS, India), Dr. Biraj Mehta (scholar of philosophy and academy), Ranjit Hoskote (cultural theorist, poet and curator), Anita Vachharajani (writer and editor) and Jitish Kallat (artist).

Conceptualized and curated by Dr. Kaiwan Mehta, and produced by TARQ, 'Six Readings On...' is a series consisting of lectures by well-known artists and scholars from a range of disciplines. Each session aims to unpack the diverse theoretical approaches in the realm of academia and artistic practice on the topic of ‘TIME’

The idea behind the series is twofold - firstly to grasp a sense of the subject at hand, and have an introduction to the world of debates that frame the subject, and secondly to understand the shape of practices that address or work with some of these subjects and issues.