Workshop at TARQ | The Moving Art of Automatons

28 July 2018 
2pm - 5:30pm


This workshop will be a fun and educational introduction to the art of the automaton, small, mechanical, hand-cranked devices which are some of the earliest examples of complex machines in history. Samir Bharadwaj will introduce these wonders of art and mechanics in a very simple and approachable way, using paper-based, recycled materials.

Through the course of the workshop, participants will be taken through assembling a pre-designed automaton toy, and will be taught three basic types of mechanisms and movements they can use in their own creations. This will be followed by guiding participants through the process of designing and executing their own unique animated automaton. 
By the end of this workshop participants will gain a good understanding of the basic mechanics and art of automatons with the confidence to continue experimenting with automaton creations of their own. Each participant will receive a take-home kit of materials and instructions, and two finished, or nearly finished, distinct automatons created and put together by them. 

Note: All materials required for the workshop will be provided by TARQ and Papernautic.