Bombay Deco: Hidden in Plain Sight Launch at TARQ

1 September 2018 
5:30pm - 7:30pm

We'll be joined by Mustansir Dalvi, Professor of Architecture, Sir J.J. College of Architecture, who'll conduct a talk on 'The Architects of Bombay Deco' followed by unveiling of the illustrated zine.

Deco tends to live in the shadow of the more exuberant Victorian and Gothic architecture in Mumbai, blending unobtrusively into the city’s landscape. In light of the recent UNESCO award for Mumbai’s Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble, this publication inspires a more informed conversation about Deco and its contribution to Mumbai’s history.  

About the zine
Bombay Deco: Hidden in Plain Site is a zine that celebrates the unique visual language of Deco in the city. The series of illustrations explores the landscapes, details and styles that create the many vibrant layers of Art Deco in Mumbai