Imagined Architecture through Modular Origami

16 February 2019 
11am - 2:30pm

Ever doodled an impossible building when you were younger? Who doesn't like toy houses, castles, or secret lairs from the future? Let's bring them to life. This workshop will be a fun and educational exploration of the art of modular origami and folded paper models built from smaller assembled elements. Samir Bharadwaj will introduce the basics of origami built from simple modules, and will guide you through learning more complex designs which can be used to craft models of imaginary buildings.

By the end of this workshop participants will gain a good understanding of some basic techniques and patterns in modular origami and the confidence to continue experimenting with assembling paper sculpture creations of their own. Each participant will receive a take-home kit of materials and instructions.

Note: All materials required for the workshop will be provided.

About Papernautic
Papernautic is a creative studio centered on the idea of making papercraft more approachable, engaging and useful. We conceive new experiments and learning tools, to spread the wonder of paper art to new minds and fingers. Samir believes that crafts like origami and paper sculpture are a great, non-threatening, introduction to what ought to be a core human ideal: "Make something."

Samir Bharadwaj has been an independent designer for 20 years and a visual artist for longer. His papercraft workshops have been featured in leading publications in Mumbai including Live Mint, Mid-Day, Hindustan Times and Mumbai Mirror.