Areez Katki in conversation with Zeenat Nagree

24 July 2021 

The team at TARQ is delighted to present Areez Katki in conversation with Zeenat Nagree. Join us for a live conversation followed by a Q&A session where the panellists discuss Areez's current exhibition, 'Bildungsroman (& Other Stories)', at TARQ.


In the works created from his time in Mumbai in 2018 till 2021, Katki uses embroidery and archival objects sourced from his family home to explore themes of spirituality, migrant identity and sexuality using domestic cloth as its grounding framework. He interrogates patriarchal hegemonies using a visual language grounded in domesticity, illustrated with techniques and materials that were once relegated to the “feminine domain.” 

This conversation will explore Areez's artistic practice, the works currently a part of the exhibition and the conversations between Areez and Zeenat that are a part of the accompanying catalogue. 


Click here to view the conversation.

About the panellists:
Areez Katki is an artist & writer who draws from historic and social research to explore his genetic landscapes via processes that include embroidery, weaving, painting, sculpture and printmaking. With a background in Art History and an early childhood imbibed in the values of craft, Katki's self-developed techniques are based on instinctive responses to textile & fibre research. 

He currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.

Zeenat Nagree is an independent curator and writer living between Mumbai and Montreal. She holds a Master's in Art History, Theory and Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her art writing practice is built on an interest in writing 'around' art rather than writing 'about' art. Nagree is currently working on a novel.