Walk-through with Shaleen Wadhwana and Savia Mahajan

6 July 2019 
5pm - 6:30pm


Osmosis displays how these artists respond to the effortless, unconscious assimilation of ideas and knowledge of two symbiotic universal truths: Life | Death and Distance | Belonging.

This exhibition explores how each of the artists decodes the cyclical processes of life and death while unpacking their understanding of what distance and belonging mean to them. They do this through their interactions with nature, politics, culture, society, religion, history and geography.

Drawing on collective memories and stories, the artists have transformed the embedded histories in objects and bodies across time and space.

Each floor of TARQ has been envisioned as a point of thematic intersection of the artists’ practises, through their use of mediums ranging from drawings, paintings in watercolour and ink, assemblage and collages, to sculptures in ceramic, found objects and digital prints. This immersive display invites the viewers to place themselves at crossroads of three diverse artists’ practises and take a pause to reflect on their ‘osmotic’ ideas. Accompanying this visual array is a catalogue essay penned by Shaleen Wadhwana.