Book Binding Workshop: Creative Craftsmanship | The Centipede Technique

13 July 2019 
11am - 5:30pm


In this workshop, participants will not only explore the works in the gallery through a guided tour but also reflect on the idea of Osmosis and its interconnections with this intriguing design and craft technique namely 'the Centipede Technique' taught here at TARQ for the very first time by Aditi herself. Participants, through the works on exhibit and the techniques explained in the workshop, will navigate the ideas of movement and migration, in creating handcrafted books with unique concepts, structures and bindings with fine craftsmanship, an acute aesthetic sensibility along with an eye for detail.

This workshop will facilitate participants to engage in a process that involves research, mind & visual mapping and ideation leading to the creative expression of a binded book as well as will help learn about the important tools and methods involved in the craft itself They will then be guided to attempt their own bound books. Participants will also learn about redefining materials and re-purposing found objects by working to create “Centipede” Binded Books