Pin Hole Camera Workshop: Found Objects and Imagery

27 July 2019 
11am - 5pm


Imagine an ordinary can, a shoe box or a box of matches. Imagine taking photographs with them through a tiny hole – that is pinhole photography. The Workshop will be a fun and educational exploration of the basics of light, and our surroundings being affected by this light to build an image which we frame as a picture. Siddharth Kaneria will teach the participants to make “paper pinhole camera” and explore the possibilities of taking photographs through a handmade paper camera made using found objects. He will also guide the participants to apply basic understanding of mathematics and its principles on how to build cameras, and test exposures with paper negatives as well as develop those images in the dark room.

By the end of this workshop participants will have learnt and explored the history of cameras and the basics of forming an image taking help of a simple paper camera they made from scratch.They will have the confidence to experiment with pinhole exposures and develop their own captured images in a darkroom, using the most appropriate techniques from their repertoire. Each participant will receive a take-home camera kit of materials and instructions.

Note: All materials required for the workshop will be provided.