Film Screening at TARQ | Ice on Fire

14 September 2019 
5pm - 7pm


Can we reverse climate change? Ice on Fire explores the many ways we reduce carbon inputs to the atmosphere and, more important, how to "draw" carbon down, bringing CO2 out of the atmosphere and thus paving the way for global temperatures to go down. This film goes beyond the current climate change narrative and offers hope that we can actually stave off the worst effects of global warming, it focuses on many never-before-seen solutions designed to slow down our escalating environmental crisis.

Ice on Fire explores on the cutting-edge research behind today’s climate science – and the innovations aimed at reducing carbon in the atmosphere. As the film says: "Is it game over? Or is it game on? As we have at hand, the ability, the capacity, and solutions that can reverse global warming...not mitigate, not reduce, not stabilize, but reverse.' Ice on Fire emphasizes the importance of an immediate, two-pronged approach to reversing the crisis: reducing carbon emissions through traditional renewable energy sources and new ones, like tidal energy, and implementing “drawdown” measures, focusing on methods for drawing down and sequestering carbon, including direct air capture, sea farms, urban farms, biochar, marine snow, bionic leaves and others. Ice on Fire finds that while the risks and urgency may be higher than ever today, there are also greater opportunities for innovative solutions, offering a realistic but hopeful perspective on a key global issue that demands our attention.

The event is presented in conjunction with the on-going solo exhibition - New Works by Aaditi Joshi at TARQ, The show features the artist’s latest explorations, that are a distinct departure from her earlier works. In these sculptural paintings she uses repurposed polypropylene bags as a starting point from which she investigates formal, art historical concerns, including the grid and the frame. Her continued focus on materiality and form make for an impressive showing, in what is a new medium for the artist.

We would like to thank HBO for granting us the permission to bring this compelling film to you!