ArtBites | Hena Kapadia in conversation with Vishwa Shroff and Katsushi Goto

15 May 2020 

The project uses late 18th early 19th century household manuals as a starting point, to document dining arrangements in a diagrammatic format as a way to note the changing face of the ways in which we eat today.

Everyday is a series of zines that broadly looks at ‘everyday’ from different perspectives. In an effort to explore new formats of art books and storytelling, each volume is an experiment created using images and words by one artist & one writer. The project is conceptualised and designed by typographer and designer Zeenat Kulavoor, curated and edited by artist Sameer Kulavoor and writer Phalguni Desai.

"Through their works, Vishwa Shroff and Katsushi Goto have begun to explore ideas of domesticity through space, objects and ultimately food. The spaces they create take on a depth in their books that leaves the viewer both intellectually and physically immersed in the experience." - Hena Kapadia