Capturing the he’Art’ of Mumbai through your Sketchbook with Illustrator Zainab Tambawalla: TARQ x AVID

17 September 2022 
10am - 5pm
Mumbai – a city of aspirations and dreams. You live it, love it, breathe it, grow with it and even hate it. Amongst the infinite ways of capturing the essence of this maximum city and truly personifying it, is the art of sketching.
Meticulously observing and capturing the hustle and bustle of each street corner, fruit vendors selling their produce, the vibrant flowering foliage, endless vehicles in traffic and stunning architectural marvels, sketching the city connects you with it in a way no other medium can.
Join us at TARQ for a hands-on workshop on chronicling the cityscape and its surroundings on the pages of your sketchbook. Watch, learn and work alongside Urban sketcher, Educator, Children's Book Illustrator Zainab Tambawalla as she introduces the process of observing, and absorbing the space and the subject in a way that it becomes a part of you using sketching as a tool.
If art is your way of expression then join us to start your journey of creating your own visual diary of the city that we love! 
About Zainab Tambawalla
Zainab Tambawalla is a children’s book illustrator, an urban sketcher and a nature lover. She has studied Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and has illustrated several books for Pratham, Scholastic and other independent authors and publishers. Currently, she also teaches at the Ecole Intuit Lab, Mumbai. As a part of her personal practice, she sketches around the city documenting in her work the different aspects that interest her. From people, architecture, to various other elements and stories.