A beginners guide to Art Collecting, and why you should!: Art Walks Mumbai x TARQ

25 June 2022 
Rs. 2,000 11:30am - 1:30pm https://www.artwalksmumbai.in/walks

We’ve lost track of all the times we’ve been asked about COLLECTING ART. So here’s our answer: a no holds barred conversation with the team behind TARQ. FAQs, top tips, payment options, decision making, Artist selection, why art, what art, art as investment: yup, we’ve got you covered! All this, surrounded by incredible and reasonably priced art works on special display just for you! 


Also, we’ll share our own collecting journeys (baby steps still!), and the magic of finding art that you can’t live without.


If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines wondering if you should dive into buying art, let this be your springboard!


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