Galleries as Agents of Creativity: Celebrating Cymroza@50

19 October 2021 
6pm - 7:30pm

From sacred sites, royal palaces and castles, to museums and art galleries, various places through the ages have traditionally served to bring together art and the admiring gaze. In recent times, museums and art galleries have emerged as sites of curation, the appraisal and reappraisal of artistic trends. Moreover, museums and galleries have inspired creative responses or confrontations that have enriched the broader culture. How has that essential function changed in the digital present? Are physical galleries adapting to or resisting the digital wave? How are they renewing their physical relevance today? This discussion will assume centre stage on the occasion of a landmark moment in India's art history. 


Cymroza@5O is a bouquet of three exhibitions that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cymroza Art Gallery, founded by Dr. Pheroza Godrej (nee Shroff) and, as per Ranjit Hoskote, "exercised its generative influence over the city's art world especially from the 1970s to the 1990s". Hoskote will open the discussion with a keynote speech. The panel will be anchored by Hena Kapadia, who will be in conversation with Dr. Pheroza Godrej, Dadiba Pundole, and Mortimer Chatterjee.


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