TARO Summer Salons

4 May 2015 

The Idea of Art: Perspectives in History

This 32-session summer-programme over four-weeks will introduce young students to the different ways in which art is produced and practiced during the various phases of human civilisation. There is no constant value or idea by which art is produced or understood - and the course will discuss some of the approaches in history, the processes of seeing and supporting or exhibiting the visual arts; and broadly review the role that art plays in life, culture, and human society.

The course will be structured around four themes - Human Body, Narrative, Space, and Patronage. The themes will be reviewed through some of the classic modes of art historical studies such as Geometry, Form and Medium, ways of Viewing, and the idea of an Audience.

This programme aimed largely at young-adults, ages 16-21, is an invitation to engage with the world of visual arts much beyond the four-weeks. The students at the course will view many works of art during the sessions, will discuss and witness arguments around different works, many events, and multiple samples of works; site visits will also be included within the teaching structure.

For more information on the program and application procedure, please email info@tarq.in.