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21 April 2020

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Osmosis | Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana

06 June 2019

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10 August 2018

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Spine of Spine

01 December 2018

The captivating aspect for me has been the play or the concept of “Time” that is spilling through the architecture, the fading lime frescoed walls, some restored some flaking, a past glory that is running in the veins of the Madhavendra Palace.

And the works ‘Lithified lives’ and ‘Spine of Spine’ in context to the palace as a remains an evidence striped bare to its bone, naked of its flesh. The works and the space both meet at the common territory of time past and present, holding on to a slow beautiful decay together.

Project Location: The Sculpture Park,Madhavendra Palace, Jaipur
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Liminal Occurence

31 August 2018

This project looks at creating an atmosphere that is from the subconscious, ‘Ghost-white frozen’ objects made with paper fibers, loofah and porcelain that emit a hint of Residual color and pose like transitional entities; ambiguously passing through a realm that has few or none of the attributes of the past or the coming state.

The project also lets me execute my work within The Jawahar Kala Kendra an architectural marvel in Jaipur , conceived by Charles Correa, expanding my studio practice to explore ahead a large scale instillation in Ceramic.

Project Location: Jawahar Kala Kendra; Jaipur in collaboration with Contemporary Clay Foundation.
Presented ‘Breaking Ground’ The 1st edition of the Indian Ceramics Triennial 2018
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  • The Circle of Life and Death

    A new exhibition sees three female artists explore these concepts in their individual ways

    Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. These famous words by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu in a way encapsulate what’s in store for viewers when they visit Osmosis, an art exhibition which is currently underway at Tarq, an art gallery located in Colaba, Mumbai. Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana, it features the works of artists Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta and Savia Mahajan. Each of them uses different mediums such as drawings, paintings in watercolour and ink, assemblage and collages, ceramic sculptures, found objects and digital prints to explore the universal truths of life as well as death while deciphering the meaning of distance and belonging.

    17 Jun 2019
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  • The Art Life Continuum

    A new exhibition tears down the walls between life and death the body and the mythic, memory and imagination As the site of birth, the wellspring of existence itself, a woman’s body is the knower and keeper of the secret of life.Therefore, when stories about creation, transformation, and transcendence are told in her voice, they sound most lucid,seem most vivid. Little wonder then, that art educator, Shaleen Wadhwana, has chosen three women artists to represent the “symbiotic universal truths of life, namely death, distance and belonging” for her curatorial debut, Osmosis. The group exhibition — comprising works of artists Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta and Savia Mahajan at TARQ art gallery in Colaba — explores these constant yet mysterious ideas.

    Mumbai Mirror
    10 Jun 2019
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  • Reflections on Osmotic Ideas

    A group show, explores the ideas of life, death, and belonging says Zahra Amiruddin

    Educator and curator, Shaleen Wadhwana, brings together histories, myths, and stories, embedded in intrinsic drawings and found materials in a group show, Osmosis. With artworks by artists Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta, and Savia Mahajan, Wadhwana builds a contemplative space that answers symbiotic universal truths, and explores notions of home. The show was prompted by a question asked by one of Wadhwana’s students at the MIT Institute of Design in Pune, in 2018. While traversing through the historical evidence of social differences from the Harappan civilisation until present time, she was asked, “What is the History of Death?”

    The three artists have resided in different continents, namely Europe, Asia, and North America, yet it’s the city of Mumbai that ties their pasts together. This is evident in Merchant’s work that repeats the presence of the crow — an ode to ‘Bombay’, the city of birds. Her whimsical paintings that rely on mysticism, are scattered by these black birds, and beaked heads on feathered female humanoids. This is reflective in her work ‘Trial by Fire’, inspired by the agnipariksha of Sita, and witch burning practices dating back to medieval times. Some of Merchant’s works are an exploration of feminine power, and identity, she draws this feathered female burning, surrounded by an apparent agitation of the crows. “They are possibly wondering about the fear that defiant, strong women cause and their successive punishment for not following societal norms,” elucidates Wadhwana.

    The Hindu
    07 Jun 2019
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  • Verve Weekend Guide

    Exploring themes of life, death, distance and belonging, Osmosis features works by three artists — Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta, and Savia Mahajan, and is curated by Shaleen Wadhwana. Drawing on these universal turths of life, all the artists’ works form a ‘conjoined’ language when put together, owing to common myths, histories and stories that they focus on. As Wadhwana says, “They lend the viewer an insight into their ideas of how they feel at ‘home’ and their phoenix-like acceptance: that new life arises on the ashes of its predecessor.” Osmosis is on display at Tarq (F35/36, Dhanraj Mahal, Apollo Bunder, Colaba), Mumbai from June 7 to August 10.

    06 Jun 2019
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  • Indian women wield the brush at Art Basel Hong Kong

    It is a woman's show for India at the seventh edition of Art Basel Hong Kong with the country fielding the best of its contemporary female artists

    Business Standard
    29 Mar 2019
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  • 10 Unmissable Solo Artist Presentations At Art Basel Hong Kong

    Exploring life, death and regeneration, Indian artist Savia Mahajan adopts conventional organic materials of paper and clay, bringing it together with various chemicals and minerals such as copper, iron oxide and titanium.

    CoBo Social
    29 Mar 2019
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  • Five to watch: Tomorrow’s voices come of age at Art Basel Hong Kong

    It’s not just millennials who think that dealing with one’s identity is as rewarding as it is challenging. In Art Basel Hong Kong’s Discoveries sector, which is dedicated to emerging positions, artists look closely at what makes us who we are: our culture, gender, time, history – even death.

    Art Basel
    01 Feb 2019
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  • Savia Mahajan Liminal

    While Mahajan's sculptures use conventional pottery material including ceramic , porcelain , paper and clay , she also experiments with chemicals such as cobalt , iron oxide and even gold in her detailed sculptures .

    Platform Magazine
    01 Sep 2018
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  • Spine of Spine

    A cover feature for The Sculpture Park home page of artwork, Spine of Spine by Savia Mahajan

    The Sculpture Park
    13 Sep 2018
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  • Down to Earth

    Crafted in manganese-based clay, ‘Exhume’, an artwork by Savia Mahajan which is currently a part of the ongoing Sensorium festival probes the transient boundaries of life and death and the in between. In conversation with the artist

    The Goan Everyday
    04 Feb 2018
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  • 4 unconventional young artists worth investing in

    India ID
    28 Dec 2017
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  • Thresholds of creativity

    Concepts of life and death and everything that lies in between have been the subject of many discussions in religious texts, science as well as philosophy. For Mumbai-based artist Savia Mahajan, the quest to find answers to these notions prompted her to relinquish her practice as a painter and embark on a new journey of self-discovery.

    The Hindu
    04 Sep 2017
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  • Explore Liminal States through Savia Mahajan’s creations

    Exploring questions of life, death and everything in between, Savia Mahajan’s latest show presents a series of stark works in various media. The Mumbai-based artist, who shifted her practice from painting to ceramics a few years ago, loves to explore the ‘liminal’ spaces that transcend after death,

    04 Sep 2017
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  • Questions find life in art

    Does life create situations, or do situations create life? In either case, what emerge are thoughts, which lead to questions. It’s in these questions that Mumbai-based artist Savia Mahajan finds inspiration. In her ongoing exhibition titled Liminal organised by TARQ, Savia intricately explores the notions of life, death and the in-between through her works.

    Asian Age
    19 Aug 2017
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  • Sculpting a Story

    Savia's first solo exhibition at TARQ art Gallery, Liminal will see the artist toggle with a variety of mediums, including sculpture, drawing and illustration through which she has explored notions of life and death.

    10 Aug 2017
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  • Art Attack_Lithified Lives

    Liminal marks the first solo exhibition of Savia.Though formally trained as a painter from LS Raheja school of art, she moved away from the medium in 2010 in favour of experimenting with ceramics.

    10 Aug 2017
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  • Elle. Sculpting Success

    Her solo presentation ‘Unified Lives’ at the TARQ booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong last year made it to scores of unmissable lists, floated by art enthusiasts and bloggers. But Savia Mahajan could have been part of a vastly different story, if she had not made the move from painter to sculptor some years ago. Though Mahajan studied painting and printmaking in college, she broke away from the world of acrylic and canvas during her most lucrative phase as a painter. “I was only focusing on beauty in all my works, and that felt superficial,” she says. A potter’s studio in the slums of suburban Mumbai became her emotional lighthouse. “I gave up painting completely when I felt impelled by a strong urge to build something with my hands and to follow it through with intuition. When I walked into this potter’s studio in Goregaon, I knew what I had to do.”

    11 Feb 2020
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  • Interview with The Asian Curator

    What is beauty really, but a way of looking; a fresh flower or a rotting carcass, all is a continuum, a series of constant creation and constant destruction, with intermissions.
    Contemporary artist Savia Mahajan talks about devising her own methods to work with her material of choice, paper clay.

    The Asian Curator
    17 Aug 2020
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