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21 April 2020

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New Works by Aaditi Joshi

22 August 2019

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Waste Land | Curated by Birgid Uccia

07 June 2018

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Notes from the Studio

24 March 2020

‘Notes from the Studio’

On 24 March 2020, when the nationwide lockdown was announced in India, we were all of a sudden faced with the challenge of waking up in the morning having to reinvent our lives. Under these unprecedented circumstances, I was wondering how artists ― even though used to fill ‘unscheduled time’ and lead a ‘sequestered life’ in their studios ― would cope with this imposed confinement. It was no surprise to discover their uncompromising will to create, irrespective of whether they were being able to attend their studio, having to work from their kitchen table or bedroom, or facing a difficulty in procuring material due to the disruptive supply chain.

Simultaneously, there was the wish to continue to nourish the relationship with those collectors who have been passionately supporting these artists and acquiring their works. Visiting studios with them used to be part of a recurring, delightful ritual, and I was pondering how these visits could be continued under the changed circumstances of the lockdown. This was when the idea for ‘Notes from the Studio’ was born.

Artists were asked to allow a glimpse into their current practice by contributing with a note. There were no specifications made, except for the immediacy and directness of expression that would somehow convey the experimental ambience of the studio. Upon editing, one note would be sent out daily to a designated number of collectors, allowing them to enter the vast arena of unbridled, artistic imagination in this time of enforced quietude. While some artists would dig deep into their archives, notebooks, and diaries, or re-interpret earlier works in the light of the current circumstances, others would simply experiment with the material at hand, working on a long-postponed cookbook, writing poems, or responding directly to the crisis.
Straddling a wide range of mediums, the notes offer a kaleidoscopic view of a time marked by instability, disruption and the unfamiliar. I am very grateful to the participating artists for their spontaneous willingness to contribute, their encouragement, and engagement.

The daily contributions from 50 artists covering 56 days of the lockdown met with an enthusiastic response from the collectors. It is to them that the compilation ‘Notes from the Studio’, containing all 56 notes in an alphabetical order, is dedicated.

-Birgid Uccia

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AD Design Show

26 October 2018

presented by TARQ Gallery | Mumbai | India

Project Collaborator: Architectural Digest
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Megacities Asia

03 April 2016

Curated by Al Miner and Laura Weinstein
Group Exhibition | Museum of Fine Arts | (MFA) Boston | USA

Project Collaborator: Museum of Fine Arts | (MFA) Boston | USA
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Lucas Artists Fellowship Program

01 April 2014

Montalvo Arts Center | Saratoga | California | US

Project Collaborator: Montalvo Arts Center
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People without memory is people without future

01 November 2013

UN POPOLO SENZA MEMORIA è UN POPOLO SENZA FUTURO (people without memory is a people without future) | Nov – Dec, 2013 , Curated by Sumesh Sharma and Serena Trinchero

MK Search Art (MKSA), residency project ‘Contemporary Renaissance’, Indian-Italian cultural exchange program
Casa Masaccio | Tuscany | Italy

Project Collaborator: MK Search Art (MKSA) | Italy
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India Focus: SH Contemporary Art Fair

01 September 2012

Curated by Diana Campbell | in collaboration with the Creative India Foundation and ArtHub Asia Shanghai | China

Project Collaborator: Creative India Foundation and ArtHub Asia Shanghai | China
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  • Things to do in Mumbai | All about Art

    At New Works by Aaditi Joshi's latest creations include sculptural paintings in which she uses re-purposed polypropylene bags as a foundation to make art. She also uses upcycled, wood and cement to create distinct pieces of artworks.

    Mumbai Mirror
    09 Sep 2019
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  • The after life of Polypropylene Bags

    Aaditi Joshi’s solo show transforms form and function in an extremely visually rewarding way, says Pooja Savansukha. Amidst the countless ongoing construction projects throughout the city, woven polypropylene bags that carry cement are an ordinary sight. Treated as banal objects, they are considered useless as soon as they fulfil their utilitarian functions. In Aaditi Joshi’s first solo exhibition, Aaditi Joshi: New Works these bags are rendered unfamiliar — they take on a new life — as artworks.

    The Hindu
    06 Sep 2019
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  • Back with a bag – Mumbai Guide

    Every year, our country generates 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste. What's even grimmer than this figure is the fact that 40 per cent of it remains uncollected. And even though some of us continue to ignore the damage and treat the plastic menace as only a buzzword, artist Aaditi Joshi has made it her inspiration — using plastic as a medium of art.

    Mumbai Guide
    03 Sep 2019
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  • The Laura Hamilton Apartment | AD design show

    Hamilton arrived in Bombay in the 1940s, she was a mystery. And she remained so. Beginning as a soprano, the lady of great style went on to open Malabar, an influential interior design boutique within the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Living next door, in a grand suite at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, she became known as a cult-status tastemaker, with a sophisticated eye for beautiful objects. Based on archive images from the 2013 Pundole’s auction catalogue of the contents of her apartment, as well as first-person accounts from the people that knew and worked with her, reimagines her apartment in contemporary style, and adds masterpieces from DAG into the mix. This is our tribute to the legend of Miss Hamilton.

    Architectural Digest
    22 Dec 2018
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  • Vogue | Get ready to celebrate the biggest names in art this October

    India’s most prominent contemporary art galleries will converge at the AD Design Show this month, with a selection of important works by the country’s leading artists

    05 Oct 2018
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  • Aaditi Joshi_ ‘I want to be closer to plastic and express its beautiful side’ by Skye Thomas

    You may view plastic as rubbish, but for Mumbai artist Aaditi Joshi it is ‘as precious as a gem’. She even covers her body in it to make art. Here, she talks about why she chose it as her medium and describes her process of transforming it.

    06 Sep 2018
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  • Reused and Reborn

    Waste, like death, is inevitable. As curator Birgid Uccia writes in her note about the ongoing group exhibition ‘Waste Land’ at Tarq in Mumbai. “Even an ideal society shall always generate remains as a sine qua non of the cycle of production and consumption.

    10 Aug 2018
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  • Waste Land: Expulsion of today into yesterday and tomorrow

    The connotations of the term ‘waste’ are many but what dogs us today is the ignorant consumerism that creates displeasure through waste as a byproduct of consumption to each one of us. The world appears to be separated by the era before polythene products and after it.

    01 Aug 2018
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  • This new exhibition sees waste through a different lens

    What is old is new, what has been discarded is rescued and reassembled, resurfacing as something beautiful, something with message and purpose: A new exhibit at the TARQ gallery focuses on one of the most pertinent issues for our planet—waste—and forces us to look at it through a different lens.

    23 Jul 2018
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  • Walking into a mirage

    Seven artists conjure surreal artworks out of discarded elements at Waste Land, an ongoing group exhibition at Tarq. Curated by Birgid Uccia, Waste Land is part of the biennial public diplomacy campaign, “70 years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds - Inspiring the Future” by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai.

    20 Jul 2018
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  • Taj City Guide | Wasteland

    Contemporary art gallery, TARQ in partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland is hosting a month-long art exhibition – WASTE LAND. The exhibition is part of the biennial public diplomacy campaign 70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds – Inspiring the Future of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai. On display are stunning installations from seven artists made from copper wire, nails, tape, plastic, old saris old electronics and bicycle tyres. The exhibition brings to light not only a theme built around the concept of generic everyday waste and its abundance, but also implies ‘waste’ as the verb that designates excessive squandering.

    06 Jul 2018
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  • Around the World | Saffron Art news Letter

    As part of the public diplomacy campaign "70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds - Inspiring the Future" of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai, TARQ has organised an exhibition that attempts to address the growing concern of waste management. Curated by art historian Birgid Uccia, Waste Land features seven contemporary artists-Aaditi Joshi, Asim Waqif, Boshudhara Mukherjee, Kausik Mukhopadhyay, Kaushik Saha, Prashant Pandey and Tanya Goel-who have transformed the refuse of society into works of art, and sparked a dialogue for environmental change in the process.

    Saffron Art
    03 Jul 2018
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  • Enter a waste land

    As part of the biennale public diplomacy campaign"70 Years of Swiss Indian Friendship", the Consulate General of Switzerland in Mumbai has organised an exhibition titled Waste Land. The TS Eliot-inspired title attempts to looks at waste with new eyes. While it refers to trash, the exhibition also looks at how the refuse of society also contains memory

    10 Jun 2018
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  • Artists who found inspiration in urban dust heaps and human wastelands

    Can the rubbish heap be seen as a subject fit for art? Two new exhibitions, currently on at separate venues in Delhi and Mumbai, explore that question with a series of photographs and installation pieces on the theme of waste, writes Bhumika Popli.

    Sunday Guardian
    09 Jun 2018
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  • Art around town | Wasteland

    Curated by Birgid Uccia, ‘Waste Land’ is part of the biennial public diplomacy campaign ‘70 Years of Swiss-Indian Friendship: Connecting Minds – Inspiring the Future’ of the Consulate General of Switzerland in the city. While Switzerland is one of the pioneering countries when it comes to effective waste treatment, recycling in India is still in its infancy. Through their works, artists try to highlight the relationship societies have with waste or garbage.

    Mumbai Mirror
    06 Jun 2018
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  • An Empty Canvas- ART India Magazine

    As you walk into Aaditi Joshi's show at Mumbai's TARQ from 22nd of August to the 28th September, it's easy to get taken in by the sense of calm, serenity and structure. But not for too long. A couple of steps closer to the works, a real sense of foreboding begins to weigh in. Joshi's art often engages with the altering environmental state of the planet; her current show extends the inquiry to implicate all of us in the disastrous future that awaits if we do not stop choking our seas with non- biodegradable waste. At the same time, the show questions the tyranny of formal definitions. The works seem to ask: When does a painting become a sculpture? And how does a plastic-wrapped frame create an empty canvas?  

    Art India
    12 Dec 2019
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  • Mumbai Mirror- View Artworks

    Resurgence is a group exhibition, which examines the ideas of environmental degradation and the uncertainty and anxiety that surrounds us all today. Participating artists include Apnavi Makanji, Aaditi Joshi, Clare Arni, Nibha Sikander, Parag Tandel, Ronny Sen, Sameer Kulavoor, Savia Mahajan, and Soghra Khurasan. The online show is being organised by TARQ, an art gallery in Colaba, with the intention of re-engaging with the existing practices of the artists and understand the meaning of the works given the current state of the world.

    Mumbai Mirror
    28 Apr 2020
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  • Platform- Resurgence mention

    While the virus is consuming our screens and social media, we wanted to focus on the state of the world with humans temporarily taken out of the equation. It is interesting to see nature feeling free to finally breathe again, from more birds chirping to spotting dolphins, to cleaner air. At the same time, we are aware of the grave consequences the global shut down will have on the economy at large, and especially on already disadvantaged communities all around the world. In Resurgence, the works look at ideas of environmental degradation, healing in both urban and rural spaces, while acknowledging the stillness and uncertainty that surrounds us.

    Platform Magazine
    28 Apr 2020
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