Art Dubai

9 - 13 March 2022 
Booth G5

Soghra Khurasani’s newest series, ‘Shadows under my Sky’ formed a chunk of her  recent exhibition at TARQ with the same title. This series of woodcut prints and etching works exhibited in the Bawwaba section curated by Nancy Adajania at Art Dubai 2022 are a continuation of the same series which has been created by the artist during the ongoing pandemic. Khurasani’s works explore themes of unity and identity through the fragile landscapes and forms that she observes from her studio just outside Baroda, India. 

The subtle landscapes in this series hint towards Khurasani’s layered imagination that gradually reveals itself in hues of vivid colours and textures. Rife with art historical and social references, Khurasani’s works employ visual metaphors to express her beliefs on religious and national identities, casteism, and racism and gender bias. Placing the intimate connections between human bodies and nature at the centre of her practice, Khurasani regularly uses natural forms as a grounding framework.


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