India Art Fair

2 - 5 February 2017 

For a booth at the India Art Fair, the gallery intended to focus on one aspect of the gallery’s key programming interests, namely space. The four artists proposed for the fair all work on different approaches to the broader subject of space through the mediums of painting, photography, and collage. Clare Arni’s photography is documentary an ethnographical while also celebrating the visual delight of form and colour within a frame. This particular print is a compelling composition that highlights the architectural sophistication of arches that are almost ubiquitous across India.  While Samit Das’s unique photograms look at the morphing urban landscape in the country with specific reference to the same “everyday” that Clare refers to in her works. Vishwa Shroff’s drawings possess the precision of architectural drawings with a painterly quality of an artistic imagination. For the Party Wall, Tokyo Series, Shroff has found her inspiration in the idea of the memories of lived spaces that partisan walls hold. Kumeura House betrays Shroff’s love for Modernist architecture and is yet another example of her meticulous practice and immaculate draughtsmanship. Pratap Morey’s work grapples with the complex nuances of the shifting geographies of urban spaces. He works on digital prints and archival material to create an intricate matrix that articulates his concerns about the problematic nature of construction, redevelopment and displacement.