> Film Screening at TARQ | Art in the 21st Century | San Francisco Bay Area

About The Event

A longtime home for political progressives and technological pioneers, the San Francisco Bay Area is a magnet for artists who are drawn to its experimental atmosphere, countercultural spirit, and history of innovation. In addition to pre-senting three artists working across photography, installation, and new media, this episode features a nonprofit art center, spotlighting multiple artists with physical and cognitive disabilities who work in a range of mediums. The artists in this hour are united by their steadfastness and persistence in creating; their art serves as an essential expression of their experience of the world.

The event is presented in conjunction with Shahid Datawala’s on-going show at TARQ, Datura. This exhibition continues to highlight Datawala’s preoccupations with light, nature and the everyday. Featuring images taken over the last several months in Mumbai and Paris, this series looks at flowers and plants not only as objects, but almost as separate characters in a story

Event Details

13 October, 2018
5:00 - 6:00 pm
Open to all
The event is free