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Navigating Geometries

14 May 2020

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Baaton se baat nikalti hai

05 December 2018

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In Letter and Spirit

09 June 2016

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  • Words are enough | Art with Urdu Calligraphy

    What happens in the pause between conversations? The slow loss of words, or the lack thereof. Brewing, holding back, or giving in. These are all thoughts that have fascinated Lahore-born, Karachi based, multimedia artist Muzzumil Ruheel. In his first solo show at Tarq, the artist dabbles with Urdu calligraphy, following an idea — “in the midst of my contemplation, [I] chanced to meet with conversation.”

    The Hindu
    05 Jan 2019
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  • Play of Words

    In his solo Baaton Se Baat Nikalti Hai (One conversation leads to another) at Tarq in Mumbai, from the S'h of December to the 10th of January, Lahore-born, Karachi- based Muzzumil Ruheel explores words - as ideas and forms - through paintings and sculptures. Ruheel claims to have a conversation with conversation itself and twists, doubles, repeats and compresses words to create geometrical shapes.

    Art India
    03 Jan 2019
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  • Baaton se Baat Nikalti Hai

    The Karachi-based visual artist Muzzumil Ruheel has had his work exhibited around the world. In this exhibition, he uses carefully rendered Urdu calligraphy to depict the social fabric he inhabits.

    01 Jan 2019
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  • The Word Alone

    We have been brought up to believe in the sanctity of the written word — promises are binding when they appear in textual form, histories are deemed legitimate when they are recorded in writing and memories are sanctified as facts when published as autobiography.

    The Indian Express
    29 Jun 2016
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  • Words of art

    Bringing together three artists from three countries, Tarq’s ongoing exhibition, In Letter and Spirit, focuses on words and how the trio interprets text

    The Hindu
    22 Jun 2016
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  • It’s only Words

    if you wish to see an alamgamation of art and books, head to in letter and spirit, an exhibition , where collection of work by three artists..

    HT Cafe
    09 Jun 2016
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    The Lahore Biennale Foundation has released its list of over seventy artists who will participate in the second edition of the Lahore Biennale (LB02), “Between the Sun and the Moon,” taking place between January 26 and February 29. Curated by Hoor Al Qasimi, the director of the Sharjah Art Foundation, the exhibition will focus on the Global South—“where ongoing social disaffection is being aggravated by climate change”—and will be held at various cultural and heritage sites throughout the city of Lahore, Pakistan, including the Gaddafi Stadium and the Lahore Museum.

    07 Jan 2020
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  • Platform: Navigating Geometries

    The Exhibition In this current moment, we find ourselves physically restricted, yet connected more than ever before from within our four walls. Suddenly our private spaces are turned (both physically and virtually) public,as we work, eat and socialize all within the confines of our homes. It is in this reality, that one cannot help but think of the role of architecture in all our lives. As we grapple to understand what a socially distant world will mean, it's time to reflect on the once transient histories that echo in our stories.

    After looking at the effects that the quarantine has had on the outside world in the first exhibition, Resurgence, the second online show, Navigating Geometries, is decidedly inward looking. Through a single work each by the artists Boshudhara Mukherjee, Muzzumil Ruheel, Pratap Morey, Saju Kunhan, Samit Das, Tanmoy Samantaand Vishwa Shroff,  try to continue to explore, contextualize and make sense of our current landscape.The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of live conversations and a talkthough of the works on Instagram, in an attempt to recreate some of the physical programming that we are all missing out on at the moment.

    Platform Magazine
    23 May 2020
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