Past Exhibitions

A Man of the Crowd

15 March - 26 April

A Man of the Crowd is Sameer Kulavoor’s first solo exhibition at TARQ. The show, which gets its title from a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, consists of a body of work that underscores the artist’s broad practice that brings together art and design. Kulavoor’s unique observations of urban spaces and his depictions of the diverse characters that inhabit these spaces, define the visual vocabulary of this exhibition.

An Unquiet Mind

31 January - 08 March

An Unquiet Mind is Youdhisthir Maharjan’s first solo exhibition, at TARQ. As a part of Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2018, the exhibition brings together a body of work that underscores the artist’s meticulous practice that explores the materiality of text.

Where the water takes us

01 December - 13 January

Rithika Merchant’s first solo exhibition at TARQ brings together a body of work that explores issues of migration, displacement and belonging through the idiom of epics and myths. Working primarily with the mediums of gouache and ink on paper, Rithika creates elaborate and poetic mosaics of myths that seek to thread together a plethora of histories across time and space.