> Feedback Loop

Starlyn D’souza

, Nirmal Kulkarni

, Madhavi Gore

, PS Jalaja

, Violeta Lisboa

, Romain Loustau

, Lavanya Mani

, Atish Saha

31 March - 23 April, 2016

Feedback Loop is a group exhibition featuring the works of eight emerging artists, whose multi-disciplinary practices each bring a unique perspective to the central premise of the exhibition, Feedback Loop. Each artist has worked closely with the curator, to conceptualise and ultimately create works that while keeping the integrity of their overall practice intact, align closely with the themes of the exhibition. According to curator Kanchi Mehta, a 'feedback loop' refers to a channel or a pathway formed by an ‘effect’, returning to its ‘cause’, and generating either more or less of the same effect. This creates a circuit of cause and effect, creating a loop based on multiple feedbacks, a feedback loop. It is a highly intriguing concept, enabling us to understand processes and patterns in addition to drawing conclusions, which could be positive or negative, depending on the input. A feedback loop occurs when a change in something ultimately comes back to cause a further change in the same thing. Simply put, a positive feedback loop makes a system larger and larger until a breaking point. The larger it gets its tendency to get larger increases. The reverse of getting continuously smaller can also be the result of a positive feedback. A negative feedback loop tends to resist a thing’s current course of change. If it is growing, it will make this process more difficult. Featuring works that include photography, painting, sculpture and performance, 'Feedback Loop' constructs various circuits of cause and effect, tracking the cyclical nature of a variety of forms.

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Starlyn D’souza

Starlyn D'souza is a Mumbai-based painter and sculptor. His sculptural works on view for 'Feedback Loop' revolve around the trope of ‘decay’ — as an idea, as physical transformation, and as the possibility of new life.

Nirmal Kulkarni

Nirmal Kulkarni is a Goa-based artist, wildlife conservationist and herpetologist. His work displayed for 'Feedback Loop', titled 'The Saptachakras', is a series of seven wooden millstones gathered by him from villages in India, and symbolize the seven fundamental body chakras, or Saptachakras. An essence of energy, the stillness of these millstones equates with shakti (or power), which is in a dormant form and waits to flow again with the churning of the wheels.

Madhavi Gore

Madhavi Gore is an artist based out of Goa. She is one of the founding members of The Heritage Hotel Art Space, a residency dedicated to performance art. Her live performance for 'Feedback Loop' titled 'Framed Woman-Screened II' is part of a five-part series of performance works that initiate with the impulse to enter a studio space, to engage in continuous productivity. This performance will be for a duration of four hours.

PS Jalaja

PS Jalaja is a Kochi-based artist whose paintings are socially and politically concerned, involving sensitive responses from various schools of thought. Her series of works titled 'Boat People' for the exhibition 'Feedback Loop' reflect upon her preoccupation with the displacement of humans as a result of ethnic cleansing or border conflicts.

Violeta Lisboa

Violeta Lisboa is an artist based out of Lisbon and Goa.  For the exhibition 'Feedback Loop' her work titled 'Time to Listen to Time', is a resurrection of the props and elements of a past performance, which she has re-assembled to create sculptural paintings.

Romain Loustau

Romain Loustau is a French artist whose work is led by the attraction and mystery of the ‘stage’. He is a founding member of the Heritage Hotel Art Spaces, a residency dedicated to performance art in Goa.  His installation work for 'Feedback Loop', titled 'I Realized My Life Was IKEA Furniture Until I Started Caring About Lost Lighters', comprises sculpted clay objects grouped together as a compilation of objects in his pockets and handbags.

Lavanya Mani

Lavanya Mani is a Baroda-based artist who harnesses traditional domestic textiles craft techniques to explore the histories of power dynamics and trade that affect current social dynamic in India.  Her work for 'Feedback Loop', titled 'Red Labyrinth; Ariadne’s Thread', refers to the amusement of the 'thread game' called Cats’ Cradle, designed to capture and release the players’ hands. Winding through the fingers, the threads create a labyrinth, occupying, entangling, and binding the hands.

Atish Saha

Atish Saha is a Dhaka-based documentary photographer. His body of work for 'Feedback Loop', titled 'Lost and Found', is dedicated to the victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka in 2013, and is a series of photographs of the found left-over objects of the victims which he collected at the site of the garment-factory accident.


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