> Cratered Fiction

Soghra Khurasani

10 December - 16 January, 2016

Cratered Fiction is artist Soghra Khurasani’s second solo exhibition at TARQ, and features the artist’s signature woodcut prints on paper. Her new series of prints is exhibited along with some of her earlier works that explore the beginning of themes currently pivotal to her practice. Her expansive, subtle landscapes are vividly coloured in hues of red, with each print speaking in multiple layers of imagination that refuses to reveal itself with ease. Growing past the violent imagery of the volcano that dominated her first exhibition, Khurasani’s focus shifts to the dormant, yet life-sustaining crater.

Curator Sumesh Sharma looks at the works from a critically feminist point of view, specifically using the filters of misogyny and gender inequality to contextualise the landscapes with current events in India, and in the world. According to him, Khurasani’s works engage with the landscape, and with the idea of the body as nature to prompt a discussion from their viewers. The artist’s practice as a whole can be seen as reactions to a variety of situations that women face, starting with the banal indignities of eve-teasing, to the more complex role that women play in popular Bollywood movies, and ultimately the violent realities of persecution.

In his essay, Sharma notes that “Cratered Fiction exists as a narrative of surreal landscapes that … expect a debate on the concerns they project. Soghra Khurasani presents a relay of landscapes that urge a catharsis that can come about by allowing women to be heard in equal voices.” He points out that hers is “a fictional response to atrocities that she has not witnessed but imagined in courageous empathy.”

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Soghra Khurasani

Soghra Khurasani (b.1983) got her Post Graduate Degree in Print Making (with Distinction) from M.S. University of Baroda, 2010 and Undergraduate Degree in Painting from Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, 2008. Her solo shows include, SKIN, Gitler & ______, New York (2018); Cratered Fiction, curated by Sumesh Sharma, TARQ, Mumbai (2015); To Speak for the Mute, Gitler & _____, New York (2015); Reclaiming Voices, curated by Noman Ammouri, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2014); and One day it will come out, curated by Sumesh Sharma and Hena Kapadia, TARQ, Mumbai (2014).

She has participated in several group shows, some of which include Body, curated by Johny ML, Shanghumugham Art Museum, Kerela (2019); India Art Fair, represented by TARQ, Mumbai (2018 & 2019); Memento Mori, TARQ, Mumbai (2015); VadFest, ‘Back to College’, Vadodara International Art & Cultural Festival (2015); Series: A construal of mourning and rage, woman artist show, Emami Chisel Art, Kolkata (2014); and Visual Evidence, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai (2013).

She recently participated in Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency, Womens Studio Workshop, Germany (2018). Her other residency and camp participation includes Khoj Kooshk Residency Exchange Program in Tehran and Delhi (2016); Lalit Kala Print making camp, Baroda (2012) and National Print Making Camp by the Directorate of Art and Culture, Sanskruti Bhavan, Goa (2015).She is the recipient of 56th National Academy Award at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan New Delhi, 2015 and Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust Award, New Delhi, 2009.

She lives and works in Baroda.


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