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95 Mani Villa

20 June 2014

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Memento Mori

12 June 2015

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  • Frames with grandpa at Mani Villa

    95 , Mani Villa is a tribute , more than a photography exhibition for me ; it is reliving the time that i spend with my grandfather

    18 Jun 2014
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  • Essays of a grandfather

    2014 is being hailed as the year of public art, according to Mumbai’s city galleries and museums who have lined up big shows for aficionados. the guide picks the best shows to plot on your art itinerary

    15 Jul 2014
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  • Truth in Frames

    After receiving much applause for his first solo show in New Delhi in December 2013, Indian artist Zishaan Akbar Latif brings 95 Mani Villa to Mumbai. Each frame of this exhibition captures some essence of life, where he has deliberately sought out the focus of his lens – nostalgic scenes, timeless situations, family familiarity, and passion.

    20 Jun 2014
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  • In black and white

    Having shot stills for film like 3 idiots (2009) , Ferrari ki sawaari (2012) and many other Bollywood and advertising projects , Mumbai based lens man latest exhibition , titled 95 Mani villa , finds inspiration in his grandfather.

    Hindustan Times
    23 Jun 2014
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  • Memory Project

    a new photography exhibition is a delicate , nuanced story about an aging grandparent finds Tejpal Pandey

    Time Out Magazine
    01 Jul 2014
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