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Gardens of the Mind

25 February 2016

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  • Juxtapositions of a natural kind

    juxtaposition has often been used to comment and link two viscerally different themes. This is most apparent at Tarq’s ongoing show, ‘Gardens of the Mind’ , which places Swapan Nayak’s contemplative black and white prints alongside Gilles Bensimon’s colourful, abstract studies of flowers submerged in water that are larger and much more immediate.

    The Hindu
    14 Mar 2016
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  • Colour coded garden: Photographers Swapan Nayak and Gilles Bensimon present two ways of looking at nature

    Sharp black-and-whites and blurry riots of colour… Gardens of the Mind, the latest exhibition at Tarq, showcases two diametrically opposite portrayals of nature through 60 photographs by India's Swapan Nayak and France's Gilles Bensimon. Tasveer, a Bengaluru-based comtemporary photography space, has put together this exhibition as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.

    13 Mar 2016
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  • Photo exhibition: Just Imagine

    A show by Tasveer, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, juxtaposes two starkly different approaches to photographing elements of nature. Works by Swapan Nayak and Gilles Bensimon at Tarq in Colaba explore beauty in myriad ways in an exhibition titled “Gardens of the Mind”.

    The Indian Express
    10 Mar 2016
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  • The viewfinder: Two distinct approaches to shooting the natural world

    Flowers submerged under water creating a palette of magical colours; unadorned black and white images of leaves floating in the water or in thin air; branches of trees drooping to the surface of the pond and casting endless reflections — these are some of the images that adorn the walls at Tarq gallery .

    Hindustan Times
    26 Feb 2016
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