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Cratered Fiction

10 December 2015

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Memento Mori

12 June 2015

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One day it will come out

26 April 2014

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Beyond My Skin and Your Soil | Four-week Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency in Germany

04 August 2018

During this residency, Soghra tried to compare and explore Germany which has its own history with War and holocaust and how it moved from it and managed to bring new developed generation and are making there presence important to this world, she tries to compare her country India which has advanced a lot after independent, but at present it is facing religious intolerance, lacking freedom of speech, insecurity to women and mob killings.

In the preview and presentation she shared her works and thoughts as IN YOUR COUNTRY- IN MY COUNTRY

Project Collaborator: Women's Studio Workshop
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01 May 2016

During this residency, Soghra tried to understand the socio-religious-political philosophies and ideologies of these two countries, and highlight, analyse and interpret their different outlooks on identity, womanhood, and community that further shape their notions on freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Works done during residency are: Its time to open the door, After revolution and VIEL-EVIL

Project Collaborator: Khoj International Artists’ Association and Kooshk Residency | Exchange Program (Iran – India)
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