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21 April 2020

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Cratered Fiction

10 December 2015

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Memento Mori

12 June 2015

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One day it will come out

26 April 2014

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Beyond My Skin and Your Soil | Four-week Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency in Germany

04 August 2018

During this residency, Soghra tried to compare and explore Germany which has its own history with War and holocaust and how it moved from it and managed to bring new developed generation and are making there presence important to this world, she tries to compare her country India which has advanced a lot after independent, but at present it is facing religious intolerance, lacking freedom of speech, insecurity to women and mob killings.

In the preview and presentation she shared her works and thoughts as IN YOUR COUNTRY- IN MY COUNTRY

Project Collaborator: Women's Studio Workshop
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01 May 2016

During this residency, Soghra tried to understand the socio-religious-political philosophies and ideologies of these two countries, and highlight, analyse and interpret their different outlooks on identity, womanhood, and community that further shape their notions on freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Works done during residency are: Its time to open the door, After revolution and VIEL-EVIL

Project Collaborator: Khoj International Artists’ Association and Kooshk Residency | Exchange Program (Iran – India)
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  • 5 Questions to Soghra Khurasani

    The celebrated printmaker discusses her latest work, career, and plans of converting her studio space into a thriving artist residency

    India Art Fair
    01 Apr 2019
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  • This art exhibition in Kolkata looks at the creative thought that binds humanity

    Under the theme of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakatn,' the Kolkata Centre for Creativity's inaugural annual conference explores universality of creative thought

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  • Domus | Geometries of work and context

    Layered with art historical and social references, a recent exhibition questions the tenets of our society through a narrative of surreal landscapes that speak in multiple layers of imagination. The crucial use of the colour red in the work is symbolic of the tropes of violence, beauty, and the co-existence of the two

    21 Jul 2018
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  • An Art Exhibition with a Difference

    printmaking is a form that involves the creation of artworks , usually multiples of a same piece by printing on paper.

    Chennai Chronicle
    18 Jul 2018
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  • Red for Resistance

    She may come across as shy, even soft-spoken, but when it comes to her art, Soghra Khurasani is anything but. The Vadodara-based artist, who is exhibiting her third solo work, Cratered Fiction, at InKo Centre, is vociferous with her woodcut prints on paper—they are almost like emotional outbursts, depicting her frustration at how society treats personal freedom and women’s rights.

    The New Indian Express
    08 Jul 2016
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  • Vocabulary of a landscape

    Layered with art historical and social references, a recent exhibition questions the tenets of our society through a narrative of surreal landscapes that speak in multiple layers of imagination. The crucial use of the colour red in the work is symbolic of the tropes of violence, beauty, and the co-existence of the two

    01 Jun 2016
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  • The Red Earth

    It looks like a wound has been framed and mounted on the wall. The vividness and ferocity of its reds and oranges indicate a raw and violent anger of the type that rarely finds acknowledgement in real life, no matter that it simmers beneath the ‘normalcy’ we value so much.

    The Indian Express
    02 Jan 2016
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  • Simmering Voices

    Soghra Khurasani works are layered with social and historical references and she speaks up for women. Through printmaking as well as new media work, she is able to explore and express ideas of beauty and violence, using an incredible attention to detail

    03 May 2014
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  • Beauty and violence caught on canvas

    Almost like a statement to her own work , comes the first solo exhibition of soghra khurasani titled , One day it will come out . like one of her painting , which depict the crimson lava , perhaps the allusion is to an artist and the desire for an individualistic expression

    Asian Age
    01 May 2014
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  • Interview with The Asian Curator

    "I work in several forms of printmaking as well as new media, through which I explore and express the ideas of beauty and violence. The subject matter and political nature of my work is influenced by my own personal experiences around gender, aesthetics, and the role of women." - Soghra Khurasani
    Soghra Khurasani takes you on a quick journey through her art, which is a laborious and slow process.

    The Asian Curator
    20 Apr 2020
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  • India Express: Unlocking Art. Part 2

    Museums and galleries are closed, but art certainly isn’t. In this edition of ‘Unlock Art’, we have picked virtual fundraisers, exhibitions and sales that are happening in India and abroad. There’s something for everyone here — a tutorial spanning 250 years of art history; exhibition-quality photo prints to get your art collection kickstarted; a homage to the great Indian master, Raja Ravi Varma; and, a sale of affordable works of art. All you need is your phone or laptop and your sense of curiosity. Mumbai-based gallery Tarq’s first online exhibition asks viewers to acknowledge the collective feeling of uncertainty and stillness that we have been catapulted into due to the pandemic. Titled ‘Resurgence’, the exhibition strikes its emphatic note through works by Apnavi Makanji, Aaditi Joshi, Clare Arni, Nibha Sikander, Parag Tandel, Ronny Sen, Sameer Kulavoor, Savia Mahajan, and Soghra Khurasani. Thane-based Tandel draws from his background as a member of the Koli community to create eternal circles of fish in Coast is Clear (2020). Khurasani’s landscape Skin VIII (2018), a woodcut print on paper with deep jewel tones, evokes the intimate connections between human bodies and nature. In Blued 3 (2019), Kulavoor picks the colour of the ubiquitous tarp that springs up in cities during the monsoon to convey the practice of jugaad. In these works and the rest, the exhibition explores the balance between humans and nature, suggesting that uncertain times can also work as a healing interlude.

    The Indian Express
    10 May 2020
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  • Platform- Resurgence mention

    While the virus is consuming our screens and social media, we wanted to focus on the state of the world with humans temporarily taken out of the equation. It is interesting to see nature feeling free to finally breathe again, from more birds chirping to spotting dolphins, to cleaner air. At the same time, we are aware of the grave consequences the global shut down will have on the economy at large, and especially on already disadvantaged communities all around the world. In Resurgence, the works look at ideas of environmental degradation, healing in both urban and rural spaces, while acknowledging the stillness and uncertainty that surrounds us.

    Platform Magazine
    28 Apr 2020
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