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Stained Geographies

27 October 2017

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Memento Mori

12 June 2015

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Four Seasons Art project

23 May 2019

Title: ‘The Land of Heroes’
Mixed media on wood
72 x 216 inches (12 panels)

It is an art project curated by Riyas Komu for Gallery G. The works are commissioned for Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy One and it is for their permanent collection.
(My work is in the first entrance behind the lobby, which has a size of 18ft x 6ft on wood panels. The work is about the origin of the Bangalore city and its historic past)

Project Collaborator: Gallery G, Bengaluru.
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  • Interpreting Fragments of History

    ‘Who does a city really belong to?’ This and other questions on geography and human movement through history till date form the crux of Saju Kunhan’s first solo show, Stained Geographies , ongoing at Tarq.

    The Hindu
    20 Nov 2017
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  • Saju Kunhan: Overwriting Histories

    There is something curiously raw and earthy about the artworks of artist Saju Kunhan when seen from a distance. A closer look reveals the undulating rings of wood that is the backdrop of most of these works. There is an abundance of human figures on the move.

    Big Art
    10 Nov 2017
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  • Stained Geographies

    In Mumbai’s TARQ Art Gallery, Saju Kunhan’s first solo exhibition, Stained Geographies, explores not just themes such as migration but even histories and geographies of particular lands and areas, and all of it is done through maps.

    The Week
    04 Nov 2017
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  • Gallerie – A journey of ideas

    It IS inarguably true that the human race has been a,associated with a long history of violence in chc form of religious, communal, racial or cross-border conflicts. This has resulted in Resistance, Migration, Invasion, Expulsion, Displacement and in some cases, Unity and Settlement.Saju's personal resistance to disharmony and conflict in taking printed matter off its natural habitat and transferring it onto the wooden substratum of my medium. The metaphorical is to the context of displaced.

    05 Jul 2017
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