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11 August 2016

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  • Celebrating 10 years of Space118 with an exhibition by 33 artists

    ‘Making Space’ at Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai will see works by different artists who have been part of art residencies at Space118

    Architectural Digest
    19 Sep 2019
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  • Tales from the Koliwada

    TwoKoliartists from Thane are documenting the shifts in the irancient community’s identity through pop-up museums, says Ranjita Ganesan

    Bussiness Standard
    22 Jun 2019
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  • Experience the Chronicling of a community with Parag Tandel

    The artist’s solo show of sculptures bring to life his childhood memories as a member of the Koli community

    01 Sep 2016
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  • Loksatta

    A feature of works by artist Parag Tandel, in the Loksatta news article.

    18 Aug 2016
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  • Once upon a time

    There was a time when dolphins, known to the Koli community as eda masa (mad fish), used to swim up the Thane creek, much to delight of those who lived along the banks. “They don’t come anymore, of course,” says Parag Tandel, adding, “I also used to see a lot of mudskippers when I used to go swimming in the creek as a child.

    The Indian Express
    16 Aug 2016
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  • The personal is political

    The thing about consuming television and the Internet is that we are constantly enveloped by the major miseries of the world. Yet another species is erased, a landslide kills dozens, a drought parches hundreds — this is de rigueur for the daily news, disasters hurtling towards us at warp speed.

    The Hindu
    16 Aug 2016
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  • Art Attack

    We round up the hottest shows and exhibitions to check out in town this week - UNWIND Colourful sculptures, based on both mythical and real creatures of the sea, make up Parag Tandel’s third solo exhibition at Tarq. Chronicle focuses on the ideas of ecology and migration, and attempts to engage the viewers in a conversation about how our practises are affecting our planet.

    16 Aug 2016
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  • Casting for Memories

    With his next exhibition, artist Parag Tandel brings to a Colaba gallery the realities of life in a koliwada — an existence that is competing with the money market as well as the death of marine life Parag Tandel learnt to count with Bombay ducks. "My mother was in the business of selling dried fish at the local market here in Thane.

    07 Aug 2016
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