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Wandering Violin Mantis

29 November 2019

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  • Paper, Threads, Dolls- ART India

    Sandhya Bordewekar discusses the works of five Baroda artists who engage with diverse crafts- based methods in their art practices. One has to see Nibha's delicately crafted and minutely worked paper relief sculptures of moths and birds with a magnifying glass to catch the intricate nuances. Nibha started paper-cutting before she joined an art school and developed her own techniques that depended largely on the thickness of papers.  

    Art India
    12 Dec 2019
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  • Live Mint- Imagining the ‘Anthropo-scene’

    Nearly 500km away, in Murud-Janjira, in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, Nibha Sikander too has been engaging with her immediate environment—albeit in a slightly different way. Since 2012, she has been creating portraits of the moths, mantises and birds that she encounters regularly at her home—built by her grandfather 40 years ago—in the coastal town of Janjira. Her fascination with birds started in 2012 when she chanced upon the Great Indian Hornbill at the Nameri National Park in Assam. “I was mesmerized by its scale and the way it moved," she reminisces. Soon, Sikander started referring to books to find similar forms. Around four years ago, she started spending more time away from Mumbai at the house in Janjira, where she would come across Paradise-flycatchers in winter and moths in the monsoon.

    01 Feb 2020
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