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Art Forms in Nature

23 January 2015

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  • Flash Back

    At a time when workshops are being conducted to perfect the art of taking selfies and digital cameras are being replaced by phone cameras, Tarq's upcoming show, Karl Blossfeldt - Art Forms In Nature, takes us on a nostalgia trip dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

    Hindustan Times
    19 Jan 2015
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  • Portrait of a plant

    A series of iconic vintage photographs await you at Tarq Gallery and are part of the exhibition, titled Karl Blossfeldt — Art Forms in Nature. The exhibition features the works of Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932), who was a photographer and professor at the Royal School of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin.

    23 Jan 2015
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  • In Plant Sight

    If you thought nature is only beautiful when viewed with all its glorious colours, Karl Blossfeldt’s Art Forms in Nature will make you think again. This solo show has on display his ‘photographic plant portraits’ in black and white, each one being more beautiful than the last.

    23 Jan 2015
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