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Time & Tide

23 September 2016

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  • Karan Kapoor’s fable-like photos bring alive an India of the past

    Even though he made these images more than 25 years ago, some of them have remained vivid memories for Karan Kapoor. The picture of the two Goan boys dressed for fête for instance, is something he couldn’t quite get over in all these years.

    08 Aug 2016
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  • After all this time

    If acting was a rite of passage for Karan Kapoor, photography was his calling. In his first exhibition in India, Kapoor’s photographs from a 30-year old series on Anglo-Indians in Bombay and Calcutta, and one on Goa, find themselves in the spotlight.

    The Indian Express
    21 Aug 2016
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  • Hitting Rewind

    You may know Karan Kapoor as the son of Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor. You may remember him from the ’80s films Sultanat, Loha or Afsar that make up his brief film career. Or you may have been swayed by his brown eyes, fair hair and handsome half-grin to splurge on the Bombay Dyeing fabrics he modelled before he moved to London in the ’90s.

    Hindustan Times
    03 Sep 2016
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  • An Eye for Drama

    Catching up in London with Bombay Dyeing heartthrob Karan Kapoor, who comes to the city with images of the Anglo Indians in Mumbai and Kolkata

    04 Sep 2016
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  • Past Continuous

    Born into the Kapoor family, Karan Kapoor’s love for camera grew much before the camera fell in love with him. By the age of 15, Karan was taking pictures, which would eventually shape his career as a professional photographer.

    Asian Age
    17 Sep 2016
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  • Through the looking glass

    When Karan Kapoor first started taking photographs of Goa in the early 80s, he wasn’t consciously documenting anything in particular. Everything that he was drawn to, everything that caught his mind’s eye, both familiar and unfamiliar, is what his Nikon FM SLR took in.

    The Hindu
    18 Sep 2016
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  • Woman of letters: Time and Tide

    It is midnight as I write to you. Like many others this evening, I too was incredibly moved to see your outstanding exhibition Time and Tide, of portraits of Anglo Indians and people from Goa, which will travel across the country.

    25 Sep 2016
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  • Commercial photographer Karan Kapoor debuts with first exhibition in Mumbai

    At 54, Karan Kapoor, the second child of actors Shashi Kapoor and the late Jennifer Kendal, is the spitting image of his father — the same dashing looks and boyish charm, though minus the acting flourish with forgettable roles in Loha and Sultanat.

    25 Sep 2016
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  • End of an Era

    25NERVEPHOTOGRAPHYTwo bodies of work are close to this photographer’s heart. One, on the Anglo-Indians and the second on the Portuguese people of Goa. Curator Nathaniel Gaskell compiled these images by London-based Karan Kapoor for an exhibition Time and Tide, which premiered at Mumbai’s Tarq gallery last month.

    01 Nov 2016
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  • In Pics: A Bygone Era Of Lost People, From Karan Kapoor’s Darkroom

    The Kapoors are so many and so much, yet they never cease to impress. Son of Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal, Karan Kapoor is an award-winning, internationally exhibited photographer with an unfairly short modelling and acting career.

    The Quint
    23 Sep 2016
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  • Vintage photos of Goa like you’ve never seen before

    A dozen fishermen stand in pairs on a secluded beach. They are pulling out something from the sea that isn’t visible to the photographer. In the far end of the frame, a figure is walking towards a hillock that marks the end of this beach. The fishermen and the lone walker are the only human presence on the beach.
    23 Sep 2016
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