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Feedback Loop

31 March 2016

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  • Remains of the day

    On a sombre evening in Mumbai, photographer Atish Saha and I sit under a sprawling tree outside Tarq art gallery, not far from Gateway of India. The Dhaka-based photographer is in the city for the opening of art curator Kanchi Mehta’s new show ‘Feedback Loop’, which includes Saha’s work apart from seven other artists’.

    The Hindu
    16 Apr 2016
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  • Eight Artists and their Feedback Loops

    Remember those boring science classes in school where we had to learn about cause and effect? A new exhibition at Tarq has eight artists get creative with the concept, making ‘feedback loops’ along the way. Artists Starlyn D’Souza, Madhavi Gore, PS Jalaja, Nirmal Kulkarni

    15 Apr 2016
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